I bougt a cello!!!!! It´s beautiful and it´s mine!!!!

Launching a new Band!
The trio came together at my rehersal space in Hårbøllehuset November 2015 and went to studio a few weeks later and recorded a DEMO. The members of the band are Stefani Wisting - Voc. and live cpu soundtreatments, Søren Raagaard - Sampler and various soundsources and Johan Segerberg - Basses, live-loops and soundmanipulations.

Composing for hard-core physical performance RAMMER by company Glimt together with Limfjordsteatret. Premiere 13/1 2017
RAMMER is a hard-core physical performance about the many and complicated social rules we navigate in, and what happens when we can no longer cope with the decoding between stranger, friends, family and partners. We follow humorous and dramatic situations on the street, in the public space, in our worklife, in the safe environment of the home and in the most intimate spheres where we are naked, vulnerable and alone.

Composing for performance “The Intruder” by Bruselles based company Off Road. Premiere 16/3 2016


Doing my Music Lab teaching at Sound House, Brandbjerg Højskole jan-feb 2016


[scroll down for some selected works from the past:]

Playing Sisyphus Ascending (Live music / Performance) at Festival les Borealis, Caen, France


Part of Glimt performance ”Underskoven”, a site specific performance in the natural reservate of Amager Naturpark, just on the border of Copenhagen. Re-premiere may 2016.


Open Window Units
Exibition - a poetic perspective on indoor climate.
With weaver Lise Frølund and architect ph.d.Cecilie Bendixen:

Sol - a Thermin-like instrument made from a plasmalamp

Tornado - an instrument made from a spring tank and pianostrings